Python | Intro to Job Titles


The programming language Python is used for

  • Server side web development
  • Big data management
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Complex Mathematical Programs, etc.


Python Resources

There are many online resources which may help you with learning and practising Python step-by-step.

  1. Coursera : It is a good platform to learn online and get a verified certificate. Here is the link to Python Beginner’s Course on Coursera Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  2. Kaggle: If you are planning to work with Machine Learning & Data Science Kaggle is a good platform. You can also learn Python on Kaggle with in-page snippets. Kaggle : Python

Job Titles for Python Developers

All the programming languages have their different set of advantages and applications. Python is mostly used for identifying patterns in data. If you have a good knowledge of Python, you may get a job title from listed below.

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is the person, who has access to a set of data. The data analyst is supposed to find patterns, do analysis and create charts from that data which can be helpful to take business decision. Data Analyst mostly works with libraries like NumPy & Matplotlib (Data Visualization).

Average Salary :  3.5 Lacs (with 1-4 yrs of experience, India)

Data Journalist

A Data Journalist does the same work as the Data analyst. The difference is : A data journalist uses the generated analysis to provide statistics to the news report or blogs.

Average Salary :  3.5 Lacs (with 1-4 yrs of experience, India)

Chatbot Developer

There are many Python libraries which makes it easier to develop a Chatbot. One of them is ChatterBot. If you want to become a Chatbot Developer, you can focus on the usages of such libraries.

Average Salary :  6 Lacs (with 1-4 yrs of experience, India)

API Developer

An API developer is supposed to build the APIs that can extract information for DB or other sources and also supposed to do server side operations.
The most used languages for API development is : Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP & Ruby.
For API development, developers do not use core languages, they mostly prefer frameworks.
Python developers mostly use Django or Flask like frameworks for API development.

Average Salary :  3 Lacs (with 1-4 yrs of experience, India)

QA Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) engineer is supposed to test the workings of the project.
With the help of Python, QA engineer can write automation scripts for testing a project, so that all the shortcomings of manual testing can be avoided.

Average Salary :  3 Lacs (with 1-4 yrs of experience, India)

A lot more opportunities are there for a Python developer : IoT Engineer, AI-ML Engineer, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analysts, etc.

Choose programming languages wisely before learning them. Keep in mind about their Use Cases, Real Life applications & Job titles.

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