Various “Job Roles” in an IT Company

IT Companies are definitely going to rule in the upcoming years. Most of you may have heard about the “IT developers”. But, that is not the only role you can pursue in an IT company. There are many different Job roles that you might opt for. Let us have a look at that.


job role tester

As the name suggests, all a tester does is test the IT product built by the IT developer. But, it is not as easy as it sounds.

ResponsibilitiesSkills Required
Test application on multiple devices
Many SaaS and web based applications needs to be tested on multiple devices like different smartphones, tablets, laptops, high resolution screens, etc.
A tester should know how to work with platforms like BrowserStack, that can help test the same application on multiple OS and multiple resolutions.
Integration Testing
Whenever application comes up with a new update, a tester is supposed to test the whole application again from the initial point.
A tester should be aware about all the product use cases and how they may conflict with each other.

DevOps Engineer

job role devops
ResponsibilitiesSkills Required
Create staging environments
Most of the IT companies create a multilevel structure like Dev environment, Staging Environment, etc. for the testing purpose. A DevOps is the one who is supposed to setup these environments for the ease of testers and developers.
A DevOps should have good knowledge of server setups and should know usage of platforms like AWS , Azure, etc.
Build pipelines
A DevOps should automate the process of “development to deployment”, as soon as a developer deploys a code on Git, the code build should be automatically initiated and the changes should be reflected on particular environment for the testers.
A DevOps should know how to use CI / CD platforms like Jenkins.

Customer Success Executive

job role marketing team
ResponsibilitiesSkills Required
Understand User Pain Points
Understand which are the features of the product that client is not able to understand properly.
Communication skills are must.
Generate Feature Request
Create a summary of all the client requests and identify features that most of the clients are looking for in near future.
Analytical skills

UI / UX Designer

job role designer
ResponsibilitiesSkills Required
Create UI / UX Templates
UI = User Interface
UX = User Experience
A UI / UX designer is the one who maintains the company website and also the once who defines design and workflow of the product. The designer creates design templates for the developers, and then the front end developers follows the guidelines given in these templates.
A designer must be aware about the platforms like Adobe XD, Zeplin, where they can create shareable UI templates.

Product Manager

job role manager

Mostly, people with a few years of experience in IT companies are offered this kind of post. So, you might not get a job of “Product Manager” as a fresher.

ResponsibilitiesSkills Required
Co-ordination & Planning
An IT product runs by multiple teams working towards a same goal. It is tedious to be in loop with all the other teams. Product manager is the one who keeps record about the progress of each team.
Product manager also decides the upcoming tasks and work timelines for each team.
Leadership quality, Time management, etc.

Managers mostly work with tools like JIRA

These Job roles may have different name in different companies, but we have tried here to mention the most commonly used names. This may help you prepare for a particular job role !
Once you are sure about the job role (that you want to pursue), you might want to prepare for the Job Interview, also read our blog on Interview in Tech Companies : Go Prepared

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