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Heya, Everyone!

ITBulls is made up of various like-minded software engineers. Our aim is to provide instances, demonstrations, logical explanations of various languages, frameworks & platforms. We even provide solutions to problem definitions.

If you ever wonder, who might be writing such amazing posts, feel free to know our authors below.


Mishan Goti

Mean Stack Developer “I am a developer with 2+ years of experience in developing web applications and solutions for many domestic and international clients.”
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Mayur Humbal

Unity Game Developer / Web UI Automation “I love to code cause Coding is like magic, A developer can show you whatever he want without revealing his Secrets.”
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Harshvardhan Sharma

Web Developer “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live” – Martin Golding
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Keval Bhogayata

Software Developer “I have been developing web solutions since 2 years and will continue to learn more while sharing my experience with you”
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Harshil Kalariya

Fullstack C# Developer “I am a web developer with having 3+ years of experience in C# frameworks and MSSQL.”