Introduction to SEO

Table of contents
1. What is SEO, it’s fullform and meaning.
2. What does it include?
3. Paid Ads vs Organic Results.

What is SEO?

what is seo

In today’s world, everyone uses Google for anything to everything. Be it some recipe or finding any local store near you. Google keeps track of everything. In order to list “anything to everything” in the search engines, they use algorithms to rank them based on the content every website provides.

SEO full form Search Engine Optimization meaning optimizing the search results ranked by the respective search engines based on the provided keywords.

What does it include?

Your Ranking in the search results depends upon the following factors.

  1. Content.
  2. ON Page SEO.
  3. OFF Page SEO.
  4. Technical SEO.


Content is the king out of all factors. Because no matter how much you optimize your website for search engines, the content is going to be the same. Of course! you’re going to optimize the content too for better results. But in most cases, the content has to be unique, plagiarism-free.

To crawl websites, Google uses Algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird. Every time a new algorithm comes into the market, hired executives need to work again on their existing work based on the necessity. As long as your content is good, natural & original, it doesn’t affect your rank on search engines, even if a new algorithm comes into the market.


The activities which are done on the web pages of the website are called ON Page SEO. ON Page It includes activities such as Adding Title Tags, Meta description, and alt-text to images & so on.. (to be continued in future posts)


The activities which are done outside the web pages of the website are called OFF Page SEO. OFF Page. This includes activities such as link building, local SEO & so on.. (to be continued in future posts)

Technical SEO

This is referred to how search engines will crawl and index the website. (to be continued in future posts)

paid ads vs organic results
Google Search Engine Result of “linkedin courses”

When you go to Google and search anything, you’ll notice two types of results, the upper one shows the paid results and the rest are the free results or the organic ones.

Paid ads do not require any SEO Efforts, the results are instant.
If you want to grow your reach using organic ways, then it takes time and you’ve to invest 3-6 amount of months. If you’re into a competitive niche, it might take more than 6 months. Investing this much amount of time results in, keywords coming on the top of the search results of search engines.

However, you should not dependent solely on either of it. Paid Ads are good in terms of one time kind of boost in traffic. Although, to keep it going, you’d have to pay. In that case, a good seo and ranking always help in long shot.

It’s either you pay the price of the ads or invest time in Search Engine Optimization to get your website up in the search result for rankings.

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