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Interview is a common procedure , that is followed by all technical and non-technical companies. What we are going to focus on is ..

  • Questions asked in a technical interview
  • Preparations Required

QA (Quantitative Analytics) Questions

Most of the technical interview consist QA based questions, irrespective of the technology like Node.js, PHP, Angular, etc. These questions are generally asked to know your logical abilities and your presence of mind.

Preparation Required

Quantitative Analysis is not a small topic of study. You should be practising QA from the very start of your graduation / degree. If you have not done so, then you can simply review the topics which are mostly asked like …

  • Probability
  • Series & Sequences

Technical Questions


We’ll be posting separately about technical questions for all the common technologies. But, there are a few concept based questions that can be asked in all of them …

  • What is Object Oriented Programming ?
  • What are Libraries and Frameworks ?
  • What are cross-platform applications ? etc.

[ Would you like us to write a blog answering such questions ! Let us know in the comments ]

Discussion on your Resume

The resume is the written proof of what you have done till day which makes you eligible for the company. The main focus is on ..

  • Work Experience
  • Educational Qualifications & Performance

Even if you are a fresher, corporate expect you to have some experience, in the form of , internship OR freelancing work OR educational projects, etc.

Preparation Required
  • Most of the technical courses like Bachelor of Engineering consist doing a technical project. Choose the project with the technology with which you want to work in future. Try to make a working model of your project and host it live, so that you can share your work with the interviewer !
  • Try to pursue at least one internship (even if Unpaid), it will not only give you a kick start for the interview, but will also help you understand the real industrial problems !!

Company Specific Questions

Interviewer may ask about “Which product of ours interests you ?”

Preparation Required
  • Visit the company website
  • Read about the company’s products and services + technologies used in those products and services
  • Read about all the available job roles at the company

Your Future Goals

Interviewer generally ask “Where do you see yourself after 5 years” ? The main objective of this question is to know ..

  • Whether you are planning for a long-term job at their company
  • Whether you are planning for further studies
  • Are you confident about your skills and work
Preparation Required
  • Make a tentative plan to discuss about (no one is ever sure)
  • Answers can be like : “I would like to be a project lead / manager in the company !”

Nothing to worry about !

The upcoming years are will create a high demand of technical people ! Even if, you have no experience in technical domains till date, you can start learning today along with your work OR studies !

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