Top 10 Programming Languages With Average Salary In 2021

Learning never stops, just one should have to find what is right for future, expertise in demanded skill can make you success full freelancer or it can get you well paid job, and to archive that this blog Top 10 programming language with average salary in 2021 will help immensely. It will also help those developers who wants to migrate to more OnDemand technology.

Get info about which language to learn in 2021, from where to learn and what will be the salary in India.
Which language to learn in 2021?

In this technologically advanced world the demand of computer scientists and programmers is too high, every day by day we are transforming our self to wards digital makeover, With millions of people becoming a part of this realm, it comes as no surprise how much technology has evolved and the rate at which it is booming.

The year 2020 has given a massive boost in digital technologies and created huge demand for developers and programmers. However, due to dynamic nature of the technology landscape, new technologies are emerge each day. While upgrading skill sets and learning new programming languages is a No doubt plus for any developer who wishes to grow further in their career, in such cases knowing which languages to learn is even important.

Infect many says instead of investing money and time blindly on other assets and joy spend it on learning wright technologies to grow career in demanding direction.

Below is list of top 10 Programing Language which are worth learning.

1. Python

The most in demand language, Python is the fastest growing and one of the most popular programming languages with reliable and well-built frameworks. As it is open-source and comprehendible, it is widely used in Information Technology Industries.

Python has some very popular frame works which are specially know for boost development speed with abelites like reliable and cons effective. Django framework, it is based on python, is immensely used in web design and development . Flask and Pyramid are also framework of Python. It is used not only in web development but it is also widely used in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


2. JavaScript

The only one technology which is used globally, JavaScript is the most popular language for web development. Earlier it was used as front end codding language which can change DOM at run time, However these days it is capable of using servers side scripts to so developers now using single language for frontend development and backend development. It give more flexibility in codding.

Along with the fact that JavaScript is allrounder technology, we can not deny that to speed up software development, it have my frontend and backend frame works.

Not only web, JavaScript has frameworks like Angular, Express.js, React and React Native, though JavaScript is most popular for web development, however it enough capable of making Hybrid Applications, which works on both android and IOS devices.


3. Java

Java is an Awesome language created by James Gosling in 1991.

Java is another immensely popular programming language that is, one of the oldest languages out there, is still highly in-demand. There are about 80,00,000 JAVA developers around the world – maybe this number can help you to analyze the demand of this particular language.

Java is used in pretty much every field, Java has a large application base in the industry, from scientific applications, financial and banking services, to web and mobile development and desktop application development. It has many frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Google web toolkit [GWT] etc.


4. C++

The oldest language, It is kind of foundation of all the languages available these days. C++ was built to support object-oriented programming and has rich in-built libraries and it is most efficient, and flexible programming language.

It can be used in many realm for example embedded systems, IOT solutions, to create desktop applications, web and mobile solutions, GUI and game development etc.


5. C#

C Sharp is an object-oriented programming language, it is fast and supports a huge number of libraries for rich functionality.

This general-purpose programming language is developed by Microsoft primarily for there very popular .Net framework. The language is widely used for not only game development, but also used in development of Windows applications, server-side applications, etc.

C# is most generally used in the Unity software, which is one of the most popular game engine software, which is used for building 2D and 3D video games.


6. Kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language initially developed by JetBrains. It can co-function with Java and give full support of functional programming languages.

It is used widely for web development, Android development, server-side development and also desktop application development. A majority of the Google applications are developed in Kotlin.

It is primarily developed for Android Development and that is why google give name Kotlin, and as Android is the highest-selling mobile operating system, the fact that Kotlin is one of the languages to learn in 2021 comes as no news.


7. Swift

Swift is a new language that was introduced by Apple in 2014 in order to develop iOS and OS X application development. As Apple is still strong strong, It is one of the most in-demand languages out there, Since it adopts the features of Objective-C and C languages, it makes the perfect platform for creating an attractive IOS app.

Talking about competition of Swift there are very few technology like React Native and Flutter, However More than half of the applications in the Apple App Store are built using the Swift.


8. R

R language was by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1992, R is a statistical analysis and comprehensive language, which works best on Linux, GNU, and Microsoft Windows. As Data Science and Machine Learning gaining immense popularity in the industry, R is another programming language that has emerged as a favorite among users.

Unlike python, R provides a large set of libraries and frameworks, which makes R perfect to use in creating statistical models, as well as developing Machine Learning algorithms. It is primarily used in Data Analysis and Data Visualizing. As these days ecommerce and social media is in trending, all the company try to get valuable data in order to stay in line, and because of that technology like R will be in demand in 2021.


9. Go

Go, also known as Golang, it was developed by Google back in year 2007 for web applications and for strong API developments. However Golang is not that much-hyped programming language, in the last few years it considerable increase in its demand & popularity among the developers.

Infect, This language is currently one of the most widely used languages in Silicon Valley.

Go is a statically human readable and typed programming language, and having a syntax similar to C. It has been designed to supports multithreading and can processes to run concurrently, which is why this language was used for creating projects like Kubernetes, Docker, Blockchain, etc.


  • Popular use cases: Google, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox and many other
  • Average salary in India: around 13 lakh rupees per annum(with 4-6 yrs of experience, India)
  • Course: Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang)

10. Scala

Scala is so easy technology to learn, Beginners are strongly recommended to opt for Scala because of its easy to learn nature. As many other companies are looking forward to shift on Scala, and considering its significantly growing demand among the developers

Scala is a general-purpose programming language that supports both – object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It provides some eye catchy features such as string interpolation, lazy computation, great scalability, type inference and many others.

The language is being widely used not only in Web Development but also Data Science, and Machine Learning.


Here is the simplified version of Top 10 programming languages in 2021, with use cases, salary and details of in which realm it can be used.

LanguageWhere It can be useUse caseAverage SalaryCourses
1. PythonWeb Development, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Mining, IOT solutions, Desktop Application Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, and Facebook8 Lakh per annum in India
2. JavaScriptWeb Development, Mobile Native, Hybrid app DevelopmentPayPal, Google, Microsoft12 Lakh per annum in India
3. JavaWeb Development, Mobile Native app Development, Data Mining, Desktop ApplicationAdobe, Amazon, Flipkart, IBM, HCL, Infosys10 Lakh per annum in India
4. C++embedded systems, IOT solutions, to create desktop applications, web and mobile solutions, GUI, game development, Desktop ApplicationAdobe, Microsoft, Google12 Lakh per annum in India
5. C#Web Development, Game Development, Desktop Application, Unity 2d and 3d game engineMicrosoft, Intellectsoft, Capgemini, Amazon, Cyber Infrastructures, Bing, Visual Studio10 Lakh per annum in India
6. KotlinAndroid development, web development, desktop application development, server-side developmentCoursera, Pinterest, Post Mates8 Lakh per annum in India
7. SwiftIOS Application DevelopmentApple, Slack, 9GAG11 Lakh per annum in India
8. Rdeveloping Machine Learning algorithms, creating statistical models, Data Analysis, Data VisualizingCapgemini, Cognizant, Accenture9 Lakh per annum in India
9. GoAPIs and web applicationsGoogle, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox13 Lakh per annum in India
10. ScalaWeb Development, Data Science, Machine LearningNetflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Twitter9 Lakh per annum in India

So, these are the language you can learn in order to create success-full career.

Thank you for reading and stay tune, stay connected and stay safe.

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